Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Institute for Global Insurance Education (IGIE) is to develop the competencies of global insurance workers through education and certify those individuals who have met established standards of knowledge and performance. Its purpose is to establish minimum competency standards, encourage continuing professional development and develop an international benchmark for professional qualification. IGIE will support its mission and purpose by:

  1. serving as a clearinghouse (perhaps on the internet) for the expanding number and type of educational offerings in insurance around the world,

  2. establishing acceptable standards for the design and administration of international professional education in risk management and financial services,

  3. providing curriculum, curriculum design support, course delivery, and testing services to member Institutes and other organizations that are in need of such help,

  4. jointly developing with affiliate members, educational programs on doing business in their countries, and

  5. developing global insurance education programs which may lead to a global insurance designation that would be jointly administered by members of the IGIE.

Also in support of its mission, IGIE will assist in creating a positive and ethical business environment for insurance professionals, assist in formulating good public policy on cross-border educational issues and support members in pursuit of their own missions. Whenever and wherever appropriate, IGIE will speak with a single voice, and from a position of collective strength, on global insurance education issues.